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While poking around the web researching nootropics to add to the “loosely experiment with substances that make capitalism more tolerable”, I came across examine, a website whose headline reads: “Nutrition and supplement information you can trust”. I’m always skeptical of any website that does anything, because of how horribly uncreative people have ruined the web. This one seemed to contain a bunch of legitimate medical research / academic papers distilled into summaries and guides by real, actual humans. Sorta like if Erowid and webmd (eek!) had a baby.

Well, it turns out, I’m supposed to be consuming 110+ grams of protein every day, assuming normal (minimal) levels of physical activity. I never knew that. I typically ate ~30g of protein a day for …the entire duration of my life aside from a short period of intense exercise during which I felt it was obvious and necessary to gulp down protein.

It’s been about 10 days and I feel much, much better.

Thanks protein.